Business Services

Local to Denver, Colorado we are always willing to help anyway we can with your Information Technology needs. This could mean remote support via phone and computer remote control or us actually coming to your place of business. Whatever you prefer is absolutely fine with us. Please see the list of our more common business services below but keep in mind that if you want something else, it’s mostly likely just an email away!


Small Business Helpdesk

Kinetik Technical Services is now offering full-time small business helpdesk. Pricing is based on number of computer users in your company and we can come up with something that works for you and your business. This helpdesk service can include us coming on site to assist you, or we also offer plans where all support is done remotely through phone and remote internet connection.


Small Business Network/Infrastructure Design

As your business develops, many challenges begin to arise. Some of those challenges may involve getting everyone in your office connected up and on the same page. Any great business person knows how vital communication is to their success, and we provide just that. We can come in, figure out what your business needs are and provide a practical solution to get you up and running quickly. Some customers prefer the basic and simple approach, others enjoy surfing the wave of the latest and greatest technology. Whatever you prefer is fine with us, we are more than capable of tailoring the perfect solution to meet all of your Information Technology needs. Please note that this service is not offered for our non Colorado customers at this time.


Small Business Network Administration

As any new business owner finds out, networks don’t take care of themselves as we would hope that they would. No need to sweat it, Kinetik Technical Services provides a multitude of Network Administration services. We can develop a package to address any and all needs/concerns you may have regarding your network. Including but not limited to:

  • Network Security
  • Information Backup and Restore
  • Virus/Malware Protection
  • User Management/Creation
  • Hardware Updates/Installation
  • Software Updates/Installation
  • Network Management
  • Firewalls
  • Spam Filters
  • Relocation/Expansion Support
  • Any other concerns you may have!


Business Relocation Services

Business relocation/expansion is an exciting time in the life of your company! As a business owner, the relocation effort can be extremely complicated and tiring. We are here to help as best we can, we can move just about anything electronic. Why not have many less things to worry about and let us install all of your new equipment at your new location? Kinetik Technical Services has the resources and the know how to get everything moved over and functioning efficiently and in a timely manner. We can work with almost any schedule!


Business IT Consulting

Information Technology is one of the most dynamic areas of a business. Everyday new advancements are made and someone has to be there to help you take advantage of the latest and greatest. Kinetik Technical servcies is able to do just that, we do all of the legwork and information gathering to keep you in a position to run your successful business. Information Technology is our passion and we would be delighted to assist you in reaching ANY goals you may have for you or your business.


Event/Festival Connectivity

Hosting an event or festival? Kinetik Technical Services is pleased to announce services for you! We are now able to come to your event/festival location and bring as much internet connectivity as you need. Great for conventions or festivals where vendors would like internet access!


Web Hosting Services

Looking for web hosting from a local company? Kinetik Technical Services offers almost perfect up-time  and 24×7 support at an extremely reasonable rate.  We use our years of web hosting experience to help you and your site have the greatest impact possible on the internet!