PC Services

Computers are nothing short of an integral part of business and social operations, Kinetik Technical Services offers everything that you need to keep all your computers running and up to date.  We work personal accounts as well as supporting small to medium business with their computer needs.  Below, we are categorizing our most popular Computer Services:


PC Services Offered

Virus/Malware issues?  Computer slow or sluggish?   Routine maintenance?  Security software/updates?  Hardware upgrades/updates? Broken computer?

It doesn’t matter! Kineitk Technical Services has you covered, we can fix any problem you may have with your PC. Currently we offer on-site work, drop-off service, pick-up service and you now have the option for remote support with some issues! This means we log into your computer from our office (with you permission of course) and fix your problems! See below for our packages that we offer for PC Repair Services.


Virus/Spyware Removal

If you have been noticing anti-virus pop ups and other strange behaviors on your computer, this service is designed to get you fixed up. Kinetik Technical Services uses the best tools in the business to remove unwanted software from your computer and restore it to full working condition. Some viruses and spyware have the ability to steal your personal data, this service will prevent you from being one of the millions of people with stolen information!

Base service starts at $50


Complete Information Backup

Most computer users find themselves using their machine for any number of important things. Tax/finance information, personal documents, pictures, resumes, work-related documents, credit information and a multitude of other things may be stored on your hard drive. In our many years, we have seen countless people find themselves in the unfortunate position of losing all of their data. The ONLY way to counteract this is by proactively backing up your information. Kinetik Technical Services offers all inclusive back up services to ensure that you will always have the information you need in a safe and secure place!

$100 base + any costs for storage (DVD, CD, USB)


Reformat/Clean Install

Computers will always manage to slow down over time. As new software is added/removed, updates are applied, internet sites are browsed or any other reason you use a computer, there is an accumulation of files and information that slows down your computer. After a while of this, the computer optimization process begins to become less and less effective. At Kinetik Technical Services we offer a full computer wipe and re-installation of necessary files/programs. This service will literally return your PC to “Out of the Box” condition, running as fast as the day you got it.

$150 includes installation of your copy of Windows along with spyware/virus protection, additional cost may be incurred for extra software to be installed.


PC Cleanup/Optimization

Kinetik Technical Services knows why computers slow down, we also have the tools and skills to bring your sluggish machine back to life! With this service we will increase the amount of available space for storage, decrease the amount of memory your system uses, reduce start up time, delete dangerous files, remove unnecessary temporary files, clean your registry and system files, and install important software to help maintain this condition.



PC Health Check

Thousands of computers get infected/corrupted every day! This PC Health Check is designed specifically to make sure you are not one of those computers. Kinetik Technical Services will check your computer thoroughly for vulnerabilities, run virus/malware scans, ensure there is no malicious software, check current update status and many other things. This is a great service to have done on a regular basis.



PC Updates/Upgrades

Updates for your computer are released on a weekly basis! Having an up to date machine is integral in maintaining a secure environment. Kinetik Technical Services will check all of your software to make sure that you are perfectly up to date. If new software has been released, we will install it and configure it for you. If you are in need of software upgrades, we can install those for you too.

This is an hourly service at $45 hour (1 hour minimum)


Broken PC Repair

Electronics have become an important part of our everyday lives. If your PC is out of commission we are sure you would like it back functioning as soon as possible. Kinetik Technical Services offers two different packages for PC Repair. Both of these packages will bill 1 hour minimum.

Standard – $45/hour (Will be completed within 1 week (5 business days))
Expedited – $75/hour (Will be completed within 2 business days)


PC Security Check/Enhancement

PC Security is one of the most important parts of owning a computer. Not having a secure machine can put tons of sensitive information at risk! Our PC Security Check/Enhancement service will make sure your computer is prepared for the dangers that are found on the internet. This service includes installations of the best free security programs in the industry. Premium security suites are available for an additional cost.

$50 including installed/updated security software (premium options available)