About Us



Founded in 2013, Kinetik Technical Services was built to fill a need for impressive technical services matched directly with the creative services of a Studio.  Our services cover a range of different items, from computer support to application security.  We are always willing to quote you for your service needs and pride ourselves on our ability to see things through until the customer is satisfied. KTS is an irreplaceable technical asset that will provide outstanding customer service and results on a consistent basis.

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Ideas for Days Studios


Ideas for Days Studios is our creative partner in all things media!  We are honored have an exclusive hosting contract with such a unique company.  All of our creative services will be  professionally done by Ideas for Days Studios.  Receive unmatchable offers for the bundling of creative and technical services through this awesome partnership!  Contact Kinetik Technical Services today and we will help get you an amazing deal on your service needs.

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Hosting Services


Kinetik Technical Services is best known for it’s hosting services.  We offer unmatched reliability through our use of server redundancy and monitoring.  We offer extremely competitive rates for Web Hosting and we would be honored to quote you for your next project.  Check out our Contact Us page for more information on how to get your quote today!

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